Alternate Search Pages

On the system user options, there is the ability to set a preference for what search page a user prefers.

There are two options available for users; The Default (Quick) Search and the Advanced Search,

Quick Search

By default a user will have the Quick Search set as their default.
The Quick Search serves as a way for a user to quickly search for a piece of data in the system. It sacrifices accuracy for speed and convenience so if a user is needing more precise results, the Advanced Search bar should be used.
Using this page is very simple, there is a single bar to enter a data into and five buttons.

Most importantly there is the Search button. This button will perform a search on the database, based on what information is put in the search bar.
If there is no text and the search button is pressed, the system will return all results.
Entering text with spaces will causes the system to search for any number of values separated by a space.
Putting text in quotes will force the search to find a match exactly to what is in the quotes.

Warning: Putting in too many spaces or using a really long search string will result in the system throwing an error
If this error appears it would be best to use the Advanced Search.

The Simple Search bar

The two buttons that are the most straight forward are, Import and Add are simply quick ways of getting to the respective Import and Add section for the page the user is currently on.
The Export button will bring up a menu for exporting the search results, more information can be seen here.
Lastly there is the Advanced Search button. This button will transform the page from the Quick search into the Advanced Search, but only while on that page. The system will revert back to the simple search once the page is refreshed or returned to.
It is also important to note that when going from the Quick search to the Advanced Search there will be some small differences as there will be an option to return to the Quick search, compared to setting the advanced Search page in user preferences (which does not contain said option).
(For a more permanent switch to the advanced search a user would need to change their preference away from the result)

Note: If the quick search is not returning a desired result, It is best to use the Advanced Search as the Quick Search may not always return the most accurate results

Advanced Search

If a user is planning on doing a lot of exports or some specific searches then they will want to have set their Search user preference as the Advanced Search.

More Information about the advanced search can be found here