Installing Katmandoo

Katmandoo is built using the .NET core framework. This is a cross platform framework and should be compatible with most commonly used operating systems. Please let the Katmandoo team know if you are having any issues in your environment.

Katmandoo can be setup and run locally using the .NET core runtime, or SDK which can be found at Katmandoo can be run locally using Kestral, but also hosted through a reverse proxy on IIS or Apache.

If Katmandoo is installed on a Windows server for shared connection, the code will run directly from IIS. Other environments will require a reverse proxy via Apache. General instructions on Hosting ASP.NET Core on Windows with IIS can be found at in Microsoft documentation pages.

Katmandoo requires either MySQL 5.7 or higher or SQL Server 2016 or higher because it uses JSON Binary and GeometryCollection data types.

There are a number of steps involved in the installation of Katmandoo which are specific to the installation environment.

Once the setup is complete ensure that the login page is shown. NB. The database connection does not need to be setup and appsettings.json file does not need to be configured to view the settings page.