Meteorological Station

MET Stations capture weather data and may contain information in another data repository. MET stations are linked to a site within a specific year.

Location comes with the following system columns

Column name Column Description
MetStationName This field is for storing a name for a Meteorological station in the database. It has to be unique within the database.
Examples: QLD Metstation, Test Weather Station
MetStationGeometry This is an option field that is used for storing geographic coordinates that correspond to the metStation’s position on the earth.
For MetSation Geometry this is specifically the latitude and the longitude of either the center-point of the location or possibly the entrance of the location.
When adding a MetStation the system will only accept a location Geometry in the format known as a “Well Know Text Point”, however if a latitude and longitude are supplied as a simple number, Katmandoo will generate the correct format.
Example Format: (point(45 45)) – with a latitude supplied of 45 and a longitude supplied of 45

An initial Katmandoo installation only includes one Meteorological Station, called UNKNOWN METEOROLOGY STATION.

For the rest of this document Meteorological Stations will be referred to as MetStations
(As they are called in Katmandoo)

For help on the basic functions surrounding the MetStation page, here are some links below

Searching for a MetStation
This link will give instructions on all the functions and tools that appear on the search page

* Below are instructions for searching via a map
Adding and Editing a MetStation
This link has all the information needed on how data can be added in Katmandoo V3

** Below are instructions for editing map geometries
Importing MetStations
This link will go to the help page that details how to import large amounts of data in the Database.
Exporting MetStations
This link will go to the export page with all the information surrounding the Export pop-up and all of its functions

Metstations are special compared to most data in the database as they contain geometries. Because of this MetStations can be searched by a map.

* The other way to search for MetStations is by going to the “Map search page
The system allows the searching via drawings and geometries.

A MetStations’s geometry is Special when compared to all the other Geometries.
Unlike all the others, a MetStation only exists as a point with a Lat and Long.