Organisations are metadata for contacts and genotypes. A contact’s organisation may be their employer. Genotype organisations are intended to store the origin of a genotype.

An initial Katmandoo installation only includes one organisation, called Unknown Organisation.

Default Columns

Organisation comes with the following system columns

Column name Column Description
OrganisationName This field is for storing a unique name for an organsiation in the database
Examples: Daf, Plant Research Inc, NSW DPI

For help on the basic functions surrounding the organisation page, here are some links below

Searching for an Organisation
This link will give instructions on all the functions and tools that appear on the search page

Adding and Editing an Organisation
This link has all the information needed on how data can be added in Katmandoo V3

Importing Organisations
This link will go to the help page that details how to import large amounts of data in the Database.

Exporting Organisations
This link will go to the export page with all the information surrounding the Export pop-up and all of its functions