Side Bar Styles

On the user details page, there is an option to change the sidebar’s style.

This select gives three options for a different user’s preference of a sidebar.

The Default one, detailed Sidebar contains all of the link with full detail in the sidebar. Selecting the dropdowns will show a full list of options associated with that heading.

Please Note how large the sidebar can get when expanded

The second option, the condensed sidebar is who users who feel the detailed sidebar is too long or they want a quick link to the most important areas.

The condensed sidebar removes all options that belong to a same page and put them in the side bar as buttons.

When compared to the first sidebar above, it is more compact

The original selects will now by default take a user to the search page for that select (if it exists) and the buttons will go to the more specific areas.

There are several buttons, with them all going to a consistent area for their heading

This button will go to the Search page
This button will go directly to the import page
This button will go directly to the Add page
This button will go directly to the map search page (if applicable)
Other Icons:
Where there is no generic option, or a menu item is a special case it will either have the generic “go” (double angled arrows) icon or it will have a custom icon that applies for that option.

However in all of these cases, the original text is kept so clarity is ensured
(Arrows condensing for a merge, a cross for a delete, ect…)

The condensed sidebar also adds ‘quick import and search’ buttons to the headings for each section, Trial, Genotype, site, contact and system. Clicking either of these icons will take the system to the respective import or search page for those sections.

The last option is the Section Sidebar.

This option is for users who don’t mind an extra click to get to their destination, but also want a ‘cleaner’ screen .

With the section sidebar it removes all the dropdowns entirely and keeps only the headings.

The sidebar is shrunk and some buttons are added below the headings. These buttons will take the system to a home/hub page for that heading, including all the links in full detail on their own page.

One these ‘home’ pages all the links relevant to the heading are displayed in cards, with some images occasionally for extra detail.