A trait is a classification of measurement.

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Default Columns

Trait comes with the following system columns

Column name Column Description
TraitName This field is for storing a name for a trait in the database. It has to be unique.
Examples: plantGrowth, height, depth
TraitCaption This field is for storing a the caption for the trait. Just like with the Trait Name, this must be unique
However this can be the same as the Trait Name
Examples: plntGrwth, HGT, depth
TraitDescription Trait Description is an necessary field that is used for a large amount of characters used to describe the trait.
ExamplesHow much the plant has grown, The Height of the plant, The depth of the seed
TraitDataType The Trait Data type field is used to store the what type of data the trait is.
This is used so that database knows how to store the trait measurement
Options String, Integer, Decimal, Boolean, DateTime, Link
TraitValueMinLength This field is simple, this is used to store what is allowed to be the minimum value for the trait,
Examples: 0, 10, 4
TraitValueMaxLength This field is simple, this is used to store what is allowed to be the Maximum value for the trait,
Examples: 255, 100, 4
TraitUnit Trait unit is a field that is used to store the relevent measurement unit for the trait that is being added.
Examples: cm, mm, km
IsTraitUsedForAnalysis Is Trait Used For Analysis is a simple true/false option for whether or not that trait is or will be used for analysis
Options: True,False
Searching for a Trait
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Adding and Editing a Trait
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Importing Traits
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Exporting Traits
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